Integrating Sports Themes into Your Restaurants

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Integrating Sports Themes into Your Restaurants

Some of the most popular restaurants are ones that integrate sports into them. Hi, my name is Jules, and while traveling all over the world, I saw sports integrated into a variety of restaurants. I saw crowds of Middle Easterners watching football around an old TV, Americans cheering for American football teams while munching on wings and other expressions of sport fandom in restaurants. Through it all, I have learned a great deal and come up with several ideas. Now, that I am no longer travelling, I decided to write about my experiences. If you own a restaurant and want to improve it by adding sports into it, please explore these ideas and blog posts.


Quick Questions to Ask About Sushi Catering

Sushi catering can be a good choice for any occasion, and it is very unique and a good change from standard hamburgers or chicken that may typically be served at parties. Sushi is also a healthy option and is good for those counting calories or who may be cutting down on their consumption of red meat. Before you choose sushi catering and discuss all the dishes you want to have served, note a few questions you might ask a professional caterer, such as Pink Rice.

1. Always ask if they specialize in sushi or have a trained sushi chef on hand

Sushi is much harder to create than many people realize, and also contains many ingredients that you don't want to skip in its preparation. A trained sushi chef will know how to properly assemble sushi rolls so that they look good when sliced and will also know to include all the ingredients that contribute to the taste of sushi without skipping anything. Having someone who simply creates sushi on the side or is not properly trained in sushi making can mean very poor-quality, poor tasting sushi.

2. Ask if they can provide vegetarian or vegan items

If you have vegetarians or vegans in your crowd, be sure to talk to your sushi caterer about this. Many types of sushi rolls are prepared with vegetables rather than fish. However, if someone is absolutely vegan and doesn't eat any animal products, you want to ensure you don't get any sushi rolls with mayonnaise. This condiment contains eggs and is usually off-limits to vegans, although vegetarians may find it acceptable. Whatever the diet limitations of your guests, talk to your caterer about the ingredients in various sushi choices.

3. Ask about how sushi should be stored

Typically, you will have a meal as soon as the caterer arrives and sets up your buffet table, but if there is any delay, you want to ask about how the sushi should be stored. In some cases, keeping sushi in the refrigerator until it's ready to be eaten can interfere with the taste and texture. Your caterer may recommend that it be stored in the refrigerator to keep it fresh but then taken out and allowed to sit at room temperature for a certain amount of time before being set out for guests. Be sure you ask about this and follow their instructions so you know your sushi will be fresh but also palatable when it's time for everyone to be served.